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Bud Benney wins Ardua Enduro Expert Class

Ardua Enduro – Sunday 17th January 2016 – Slab Common, Bordon, Hampshire.

Photo by Garry Barnes

Dirtpunk rider Bud Benney comfortably wins Ardua Enduro Expert Class with 11 laps, we managed to catch up with him during his busy training regime and asked him how it went:

What an awesome event the RAF boys put on at ARDUA. With a strong entry of over 20 experts (mostly fit army boys), the day was looking to be a hard race.

When the flag dropped at 11am I took the hole shot into the first corner. The track was tight sandy woodland, first to the easy/hard option I took the hard section which was a deep sandy gully to get out of. With the first lap nearly over I took the hard route again, this time a long log section to the lap scoring, where I was still in the lead.

The race flowed and by half time fuelling I had a good lead on second place. The race continued and the sandy ruts got deep, but the EXC 200 coped well. The last lap flag was put out, and I was still leading so I pushed hard for the last lap, where I took the win with over a 10 minute lead over second place. Really enjoyed the bike, and feeling fit.

Bud will be racing at Dorset Police Enduro on Sunday 31st January at Moreton Forest, along with some of the rest of the Dirtpunk Team… ‘Dangerous’ Dave Brignall, Joe ‘Chidders’ Chidley, and Gabriel ‘The Vicar’ Bolton… stay tuned for a race report…

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Cecil Debris and Dirtpunk enter Basella Race 2016

Cecil Debris and 3 other Dirtpunk idiots have entered the Bassella Race, 12-14 February 2016


Probably the highlight of the Spanish racing calendar, the Basella race takes place every year in the Spanish Pyrenees and attracts both World Enduro and World Extreme Enduro Championship riders. The event takes place over 3 days and last year there were a record 1300 entrants to the main race, as well as tons of others taking part in the various races over the weekend, with everything from Classic MX to Extreme Enduro!


We asked Cecil Debris what he thought about racing against extreme enduro legend Alfredo Gomez:

I’m really looking forward to showing up that greasey wee f*cker Gomez and his Spanish pals. I used to baby sit him when he was a wee bearn when his mum was working at Club Hot, he says I was the man that inspired him to get on two wheels in the first place. As you know I’m more of a marathon man than a sprinter but if that whipper snapper thinks he’s going to show me up at Basella by trying to overtake the big man, I’ll kick him into the nearest bush. I say bring it on ladies, the big Jock rocks!

Find out more at the Bassella Race website, or check out this video from a couple of years ago…

Got any tips for Cecil and the boys? Leave a comment

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Bud Benney signs to Dirtpunk for 2016

Until last weekend, James ‘Bud’ Benney was just a 21 year old carpenter from Truro… now he’s hit the big time with a factory ride from Dirtpunk.

With team riders like Cecil Debris, Austin Vince and Ed March, Dirtpunk have always been a bit more Gladys Knight than David Knight… but all that’s about to change… it’s about time to sign someone who can actually ride!

Photo by Garry Barnes

Bud’s Enduro career started with a few local Cornish Enduros in 2013, but only a year later in 2014 he’d won the local clubman championship.

2015 didn’t disappoint for Bud, a narrow miss of the podium with 4th in clubman at the Welsh Two Day and a cracking 105th finish at the Weston Beach Race from a start on the back row were backed up with many podiums and various expert wins at clubs such as CORE, WFOR, PMRC and Camel Vale.

For 2016 he’s going to be competing in the British Enduro Championship, Weston Beach Race and many, many club series Enduros.

Photo by Garry Barnes

We asked Bud what he thought about swapping his woodworking tools for a Dirtbike 9 to 5…

“Well, I’ll probably miss Carpentry a bit, and I might do some in the evenings as a hobby still, but I suppose the factory pro life with all the racing, Lamborghini’s and platinum blondes in bikinis will make up for it.”

We also asked some of the Dirtpunk team what they thought about Bud joining the gang…

Cecil Debris: “I’d like to be the first to welcome James Benney into the Dirtpunk fold, after turning down the sponsored star rider roll myself, I’m pleased to see DP have managed to find a fitting replacement. I knew he was the right guy for the job when at fellow DP rider ‘Dangerous’ Dave Brignall’s wedding he was trying to get several of us involved in a wee bit of grown up fun and games with the groom’s Mother. May his success this year be as large as his chin. If you ever try and overtake me at an Enduro again you’re f*cking out ya wee Bastart!”

Paul Castle: “Stoked to welcome Bud on the team, shame he’s gonna make the rest of look like riiiiiight twats.”

Joe ‘Chidders’ Chidley: “He’s got lovely teeth.”

‘Dangerous’ Dave Brignall: “What the f*ck was that about my mother?”

Wish him luck or send him abuse in the comments below people…