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Expert win for Bud at Wolbrough Barton

He’s been at it again, latest race report from Bud…

Sunday took me to Wolbrough Barton for the South West rounds. The track was a well laid out 5 mile course of tight twisty woods and fast open fields.

The start went well being 1st into the corner. Then two other more “experienced” riders got in front, which I kept with till the 1.5hr mark.

With a fast pit stop I came out in front of the pack where I got into a rhythm and loved the last hour, still feeling fit, and managed to get up amongst the championship riders. A greats day, still need to improve on passing but learnt a lot from following the other riders (Gary McCoy & Tony Penhaligon) happy to take the expert win, 5th over all with the 4th fastest lap!i