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Austin Vince’s Mondo Bike Stolen!

Gutted, Austin Vince’s Mondo bike has been stolen in Uxbridge… keep your eyes peeled team… one of a kind!


“Well, it had to happen. DR350 number six, stolen in Uxbridge. That means 5 of the 7 original (hand made) Mondo Enduro tanks have been stolen. MOT ran out 4 days before so insurance won’t pay. Got a poorly photocopied letter from the police that they won’t do anything. Why me?”

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Ed March rides a pitbike with no brakes

We’re trying desperately to get (Dirtpunk tea boy and team captain) Ed March’s new C90 Malaysia DVD launched for sale on the dirtpunk website very, very soon, but in true Ed March style there are still a few minor hiccups at the moment. So whilst we all continue to wait incredibly patiently for just a little bit longer 😉 here’s a vid of him riding a pit bike with no brakes… just another average dirtpunk day in the woods…