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BEC Rounds 1&2 – Bud Benney reports

“Rounds 1&2 were certainly a ‘tough going’ opening to the British championship!”

Photo by Ashley blight

Controversy surrounds rounds 1&2 of the British Enduro Championship, which took place 5th and 6th March 2016 in Yorkshire. Here’s Bud’s take on the event…

Rounds 1&2 were certainly a ‘tough going” opening to the British championship! With plenty of rain, walking the tests were looking slick on Friday but I was looking forward to the two day event. As expected the going was tough with some big hills and lots of single rut leg dragging. Meaning a lot of lost time on both days. The checks were hard to meet, and struggling through the knee deep ruts, blowing out of ass and mouth I managed to drop minimal time both days. As for the test, a big stubble field rutted up nicely and into the flowing woodland which I had one of the fastest test time in class. Finishing the day 1st in class and 4th overall.

Sunday was more of a struggle, I was exhausted from day 1. I found it really hard on the extreme test to get a fast smooth pace in the deep tight ruts over the logs.

Fitness needs to be improved on! Finishing the day 3rd in class and 9th overall!

Check back soon for more Bud action!

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