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Beta Xtrainer – brakes & clutch

Holy shit, this budget bike has got real brakes!

Coming from KTMs, we’re usually trying not to crash by pulling really hard on Brembo brakes… but we do have plenty of experience trying not to crash with Nissin brakes too. We had them on our Mondo Sahara XR400s and a few of the team ride Hondas out of choice (pfffft) – Gabriel ‘The Vicar’ Bolton and Joe ‘Chidders’ Chidley both smash the hell out of the environment on CRF450X’s.


They all really like Nissin brakes, and these don’t disappoint, riding this back to back with our KTM 250-F, the KTM’s Brembo’s feel soft, almost spongy – you really need to watch the Xtrainer’s front brake on downhill leafy, muddy, slippery stuff though… very sharp – you really do just need one finger feathering on the Nissins – in contrast we’ve got used to quite how hard you can yank on the front anchors on the KTMs.


The Brembo/Nissin difference is going to take a little bit of getting used too. From what we hear the brakes on the Freeride really aren’t up to all that much… but don’t quote us on that.


Pleasantly surprised to see decent Galfer brake discs too, this bike really doesn’t feel like a budget model…

Even more holy shit, this budget bike has got a decent clutch too!

So the brakes are good, and the hydraulic clutch is pretty good too…


No surprise really as it’s the same Brembo model as the KTMs use, but it is a bit heavier to pull compared to KTMs of the last few years – it must be down to the Beta using traditional springs in the clutch assembly instead of the KTM DDS (damped diaphragm steel) clutch (which is super light – great for pussy boys like us).


We’ve since swapped out the levers for Zeta 3-finger CNC’d unbreakable versions (Honda Nissin style for the front brake, and KTM Brembo for the clutch, part numbers are ZE42-3283 for the clutch and ZE41-3206 for the brake. We stick these on all our bikes and they’ve done us proud so far…

Next up… Suspension (or lack off?)… Want one? Got questions? Got one? Got tips? Leave us a comment…

3 thoughts on “Beta Xtrainer – brakes & clutch

  1. Nissin brakes rule imho. I hate the Brembo’s on KTM/Husky family.. Too bad I just got a 2016 FE 350 🙁

    1. I swapped between the Xtrainer and our 2014 KTM 350-F and the Brembos are so soft I actually first thought there was something wrong with the KTM brakes!

  2. Traveled to Moab,Utah for a week of unreal riding. I let my friend who rides a 2006 Honda crfx 450, take a spin on the XTrainer. He came back to camp with a right shoulder injury (messed up his camping trip for the last 3 days), He said he was going fast and hit the front and back breaks, the next thing he felt was a gravel implant.
    Brakes are first rate,

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