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Beta Xtrainer – Spanish Inquisition

7 days in Spain with the local lunatics… how does the Beta XTrainer hold up?


We spent a week over Christmas putting the XTrainer through it’s paces with the local Spanish loons. The riding is very technical and rocky, lot’s of single track, with sections that wouldn’t be out of place in a hard or extreme enduro. The bike was right at home in the technical stuff, with plenty of power to get up anything you pointed it at.

It wasn’t all roses though, and it doesn’t end well, but on the whole the bike was very good.

Snag list


First hiccup was the fuel tap leaking… probably just a badly seated or damaged o-ring, but, we didn’t have time to take it apart and sort it. Every morning the engine was covered in petrol, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone else has had the same problem?

Parts made of Play-Doh?


First ‘epic fail’ was the plastic chain guard on the swing-arm… very brittle plastic that seems to have been broken by the action of the chain… bit of an oxymoron? Anyway, that got dumped.

Front pipe made of Plasticine?… Pfffft?


A couple of days in we managed to badly dent the front pipe on an impact that really didn’t feel that hard. From then on there was a noticeable loss in power and so we started to hatch a plan on how to sort it…

The closest Beta dealer was an hour away in (another country!) Andorra… A quick phone call got us “Beta Xtrainer? WTF is that?” (in a really helpful Andorran Catalan accent of course).

So, we carried on riding and adapted to the loss in power.. the bike was still pretty good… still torquey enough – it handled everything we could throw at it, including no-lights insanity single track night rides…

“Urgh, guys, it’s really dark, I can’t  actually see anything…”

“Hey, Pablo… turn off your luz (lights)… you’re ruining our night vision”


Things were OK for a few days, but the lack of power was a bit of a pain and one of the locals persuaded us to let him blow out the pipe. We were a bit worried about him blowing the welds and breaking the pipe in the process and then being stuck with a broken Beta for the last few days… we needn’t have worried though… we managed to totally smash the pipe in before getting back!


Note the crash test ‘crumple zone’ that the Italians built into the pipe to pass EU safety tests 😉


The impact(s) had not only holed and flattened the pipe, but also bent it out of shape where it joins with the rear muffler, causing oil to be sprayed all over the engine.


So that was the end of the Beta! Out came the KTM 350EXC-F for the last few days… Didn’t miss a beat, but felt like a supertanker compared to the Xtrainer!

So do we buy another flimsy plasticine OEM pipe?


No way… FMF Gnarly with a carbon guard please! Apparently the RR pipe fits perfectly, and I guess we’ll find out when we’re back out to Spain in a few days to enter the XTrainer into the legendary Bassella Race. We’ve also splashed out on some other farkles (mainly for protection) – check back soon to see how we got on.

So were the Spanish impressed by the Beta? Well, one of them swapped his Husaberg 300 2-stroke for a Beta 300RR within a matter of days… we obviously made some kind of impression between all the crashes ;).

Next up… Farkles and Racing… Want one? Got questions? Got one? Got tips? Leave us a comment…

14 thoughts on “Beta Xtrainer – Spanish Inquisition

  1. But was it any good?? 🙂

    1. With a bit of tinkering, the bike is very, very good for someone of my weight (72KG in full gear!)… we’ll be going into much more detail in the next post

  2. just got on yesterday and sure enough the petcock leaked. I pulled it all the way out to see what the problem was and what to do about it, but that was unnecessary. I ended up turning it clockwise about an eight of a turn and it stopped leaking. Otherwise this thing is tits.

    1. Ours seems to have sorted itself out now with no fiddling. We didn’t even need to break into the big box of O-rings we bought especially for the job!

  3. Hiya Mate. Where did you nick those black frame guards from? Mine didn’t come with them and Beta is on backorder on their frame decals until hell freezes over.

    1. Hi Gene, they came with the bike as standard.

      1. Sadly, they aren’t standard over here. Any idea how to acquire? Also, how exactly did you fiddle with the tank to stop the leak? I just bought a brand new 2016 and my house now smells like petrol. My 2015 never did this.


        1. Hmmm, you could try talking to the UK importer - ? As for the petcock, it magically just fixed itself! See the comment above though from Xtrainee about an 8th of a turn fixed it for him 🙂

  4. Looking forward to the improvement you made.
    I am still messing with the fork ….

  5. I’ll give both a go. Thanks!

    1. The 8th if a turn was me. You may want to drain the tank, unscrew the petcock and make sure the o ring is seated correctly. You could even put a light layer of oil on it with your finger tip. Then tighten it again.

      1. Thanks Mate!

      2. The local dealer just swapped the tank out for a new one. They said it was a know issue and was happy to swap it.

        1. Good to know Gene!

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