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Bud Benney’s been a hustlin’ in Hustyn Woods

Bud Benney Wheelies
Photo by Gooner Snaps!

Bud’s been at it again… ripping it up at the South West Championship…

Sunday took me to hustyn woods for round 3 of the South West Championship. The start of the day went well, after a sighting lap of the special test I knew I was in for a hard day on a trials tyre!  A tight whoopy woods test for 4 timed tests.

The first test was a struggle to get the speed but as the day went on the lines came in to make a enjoyable ride. With slack check times the results came down to the tests. All day no one knew where they stood and I came away thinking I had a poor result 🙁 .

Only to find out I took the expert win with the fastest test times each lap, which finished off a great days racing! 🙂

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