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Bud stomps into championship class

Photo by Sarah Turner

Not content with kicking ass in Expert class, Bud has a go at Championship class at Nancymellon…

Sunday took me to my local track for a 3hr hare and hounds. Stepping up to championship class for this event I was unsure of the outcome on the flowing woodland/mx track course.

With some strong champ riders I managed to get second into the first corner, as the lap went on I was passed easily by the faster riders, but by the first hour I had pushed past 4th place and had to make the first fuel stop.

As the race went on my fitness came into the racing, battling into second place. At 2hr in I was lying in second, once fuelled  again I pushed hard to catch Ian Martin having good battles and swapping positions.

Photo by Sarah Turner

The last half hour I was up front and still feeling fit, increasing my lead to over 3 minutes when the flag dropped! Just goes to show “the old 2005 Yamaha can still smoke the 2017 KTMs!”

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