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Bud plays in the sand at Weston Beach Race


Straight from the horses mouth…

With all the talk coming up about Weston, I was keen as to hit the sand. The Yamaha wr250 well prepped and feeling fit I was ready! Last year not making it to the top 100, my aim was to make it this year.

With a start number of 130 I had a decent start up the front, pulling 96mph down the straight I had the advantage over the Mx bikes into the first corner.

Keeping my head high I made few mistakes and chose good lines, riding clean all day and with no bike problems made the day go smooth.

With fast pit stops from I lost little time.

I managed 16 laps in the 3hrs, taking 63th place out out 800+ riders. So more then happy, and giving me a seeded number for next year, bring it on! ✊🏼

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Expert win for Bud at Wolbrough Barton

He’s been at it again, latest race report from Bud…

Sunday took me to Wolbrough Barton for the South West rounds. The track was a well laid out 5 mile course of tight twisty woods and fast open fields.

The start went well being 1st into the corner. Then two other more “experienced” riders got in front, which I kept with till the 1.5hr mark.

With a fast pit stop I came out in front of the pack where I got into a rhythm and loved the last hour, still feeling fit, and managed to get up amongst the championship riders. A greats day, still need to improve on passing but learnt a lot from following the other riders (Gary McCoy & Tony Penhaligon) happy to take the expert win, 5th over all with the 4th fastest lap!i

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Bud stomps into championship class

Photo by Sarah Turner

Not content with kicking ass in Expert class, Bud has a go at Championship class at Nancymellon…

Sunday took me to my local track for a 3hr hare and hounds. Stepping up to championship class for this event I was unsure of the outcome on the flowing woodland/mx track course.

With some strong champ riders I managed to get second into the first corner, as the lap went on I was passed easily by the faster riders, but by the first hour I had pushed past 4th place and had to make the first fuel stop.

As the race went on my fitness came into the racing, battling into second place. At 2hr in I was lying in second, once fuelled  again I pushed hard to catch Ian Martin having good battles and swapping positions.

Photo by Sarah Turner

The last half hour I was up front and still feeling fit, increasing my lead to over 3 minutes when the flag dropped! Just goes to show “the old 2005 Yamaha can still smoke the 2017 KTMs!”

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Bud’s CTR Race Report


So, Bud’s jacked in the ginger KTM and gone blue, we caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on with the new bike…

After a few hard races getting used to the Yamaha WR250 (coming from the Ktm 200EXC), I’m starting to get to grips with the bike. I’m really pleased with the power delivery, suiting more h&h and fast flowing races. Along with the plush suspension out the box, it makes for a great bike! I’d like to thank Marsh Mx for sorting a great deal and supporting me with parts for 2016!


Now used to the bike, Sunday took me to Llandovery for the CTR 2.5hr H&H. With an okay start of 5th off the line the first couple of laps was an ice rink!

As the weather dried up, so did the track, leaving a fast flowing mixture of woods and fields!

Pacing myself for the race I took a good speed till the half way pit stop, as I came out the track was drying and rutting nicely so started to push and take bigger risks on the harder lines.

Racing my own race for the 2.5 hrs I was happy with my pace but my placing was unknown. I was happy to finish and take 3rd in the expert class, the first podium on the dirtpunk yam!

Get on Bud, keep it pinned!

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Bud Benney’s been a hustlin’ in Hustyn Woods

Bud Benney Wheelies
Photo by Gooner Snaps!

Bud’s been at it again… ripping it up at the South West Championship…

Sunday took me to hustyn woods for round 3 of the South West Championship. The start of the day went well, after a sighting lap of the special test I knew I was in for a hard day on a trials tyre!  A tight whoopy woods test for 4 timed tests.

The first test was a struggle to get the speed but as the day went on the lines came in to make a enjoyable ride. With slack check times the results came down to the tests. All day no one knew where they stood and I came away thinking I had a poor result 🙁 .

Only to find out I took the expert win with the fastest test times each lap, which finished off a great days racing! 🙂

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Bud’s Easter Enduro Eggstravaganza (groan)

Photo by Trace Clarke

What did star Dirtpunk racer Bud Benney get up to this Easter? Did the Easter Bunny poo out any chocolate eggs for him? We caught up with Bud to get the lowdown…

With a busy Easter weekend racing I was off to Friday’s Track & Trail for a 2.5hr hare and hound. The race took off to a strong start – 3rd into the first corner the race was looking good. Taking the hard routes over the logs and tyres made the race interesting and mixed up the tight woods and open fields. With a long battle in the last hour I managed to come away with a 2nd in experts and 4th over all.

Photo by Trace Clarke

No rest for the wicked… Sunday I was off to Brass Monkeys Enduro. After walking the test it looked for a great day with a long test of stubble cross and flowing woodland. It turned out to be an awesome day setting off with Enduro legend Gary McCoy on my minute, watching his lines all day I learnt a lot! The tests went well with consistent 12 minute times and without dropping any time I took a 3rd in expert. Good results for an Easter weekend racing!

Next event to lookout for is Cornwall Super Enduro where Bud has already got his sights on ex-world champion David Knight 😜, be sure to book in for a day on the pipe!

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BEC Rounds 1&2 – Bud Benney reports

“Rounds 1&2 were certainly a ‘tough going’ opening to the British championship!”

Photo by Ashley blight

Controversy surrounds rounds 1&2 of the British Enduro Championship, which took place 5th and 6th March 2016 in Yorkshire. Here’s Bud’s take on the event…

Rounds 1&2 were certainly a ‘tough going” opening to the British championship! With plenty of rain, walking the tests were looking slick on Friday but I was looking forward to the two day event. As expected the going was tough with some big hills and lots of single rut leg dragging. Meaning a lot of lost time on both days. The checks were hard to meet, and struggling through the knee deep ruts, blowing out of ass and mouth I managed to drop minimal time both days. As for the test, a big stubble field rutted up nicely and into the flowing woodland which I had one of the fastest test time in class. Finishing the day 1st in class and 4th overall.

Sunday was more of a struggle, I was exhausted from day 1. I found it really hard on the extreme test to get a fast smooth pace in the deep tight ruts over the logs.

Fitness needs to be improved on! Finishing the day 3rd in class and 9th overall!

Check back soon for more Bud action!

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Bud Benney wins Dorset Police Enduro Expert Class

Dorset Police Enduro – Sunday 31st January 2016 – Moreton Forest, Dorset.

Photo by Teamsnapper

He’s only gone and done it again, the Dirtpunk star rider smashes the expert class to win by a full lap. We caught up with him during one of his autograph signing sessions to get the low down…

This weekend we was at moreton for round 3 of the Winter series with a full Dirtpunk line up!

The flag dropped at 11am to a poor start behind about 6 into the woods. Knowing I needed to pass quickly I gained places by looking out for lines. By the time we got to lap scoring to start the first full lap I was in the lead with 20 experts behind. I knew I had to get into a flow with no mistakes in the tight twisty woods, looking for clear lines in the deep bogs.

By half way into the race I was still leading and started to pass the back of the championship class. At the 3 hour mark I was still in the lead, 1 lap up on second place in expert and ended up 6th overall.

Great racing with the other dirtpunkers, looks like they had a smashing day!

Check back soon for more Bud!

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Bud Benney wins Ardua Enduro Expert Class

Ardua Enduro – Sunday 17th January 2016 – Slab Common, Bordon, Hampshire.

Photo by Garry Barnes

Dirtpunk rider Bud Benney comfortably wins Ardua Enduro Expert Class with 11 laps, we managed to catch up with him during his busy training regime and asked him how it went:

What an awesome event the RAF boys put on at ARDUA. With a strong entry of over 20 experts (mostly fit army boys), the day was looking to be a hard race.

When the flag dropped at 11am I took the hole shot into the first corner. The track was tight sandy woodland, first to the easy/hard option I took the hard section which was a deep sandy gully to get out of. With the first lap nearly over I took the hard route again, this time a long log section to the lap scoring, where I was still in the lead.

The race flowed and by half time fuelling I had a good lead on second place. The race continued and the sandy ruts got deep, but the EXC 200 coped well. The last lap flag was put out, and I was still leading so I pushed hard for the last lap, where I took the win with over a 10 minute lead over second place. Really enjoyed the bike, and feeling fit.

Bud will be racing at Dorset Police Enduro on Sunday 31st January at Moreton Forest, along with some of the rest of the Dirtpunk Team… ‘Dangerous’ Dave Brignall, Joe ‘Chidders’ Chidley, and Gabriel ‘The Vicar’ Bolton… stay tuned for a race report…